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Guidelines for Explosion Protection and Prevention according to ATEX 94/9/EG, (ATEX 95)

1. Danger of explosion occurs under the convergence of the following conditions:

The presence of flammable agents such as gas, steam and dust
+ oxygen
+ source of ignition such as sparks, heat and chemical reactions

2. Preventive Ex- protection

Primary Ex- protection:
Prevention or limitation of a dangerous concentration of explosive atmosphere.

Secondary Ex- protection: The prevention of explosion through technical means in the presence of ignitable sources or an ignitable atmosphere.

3. Classification of hazardous areas

Zone 0: Potentially explosive mixtures are present constantly or over a longer period of time
Zone 1: Potentially explosive mixtures can occasionally be expected under normal conditions
Zone 2: Potentially explosive mixtures are not expected under normal conditions but possibly at short notice

4. Hazardous situations in centrifuge operation

  • Hot surfaces
  • Mechanically generated sparks
  • Electrostatic charging or electric discharging
  • Chemical reactions
  • Flames
  • Hot gas

5. Second First Machine GmbH benefits and services

We provide the user with all instructions for:
  • Installation of machines
  • Centrifuge operating methods
  • Maintenance instructions
  • Safe parts and components

6. Our services for the refitting of used centrifuges according to ATEX guidelines include:

  • Monitoring of the main bearings temperature via PT 100
  • Inspection of bearing lubrication by oil lubrication
  • Vibration monitoring with sensors
  • The use of suitable sealing material in agreement with the user
  • Conductive drive belts or power belts
  • Leak tightness test of the body of the machine

7. We provide a hazard analysis and risk assessment according to the following procedure:

  • Evaluation of hazard and risk
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk reduction options
These elements will also be part of the technical documentation.