Sultrade - Second First   process engineering

Horizontal Peeler Centrigufe type SCH

Horizontal Peeler centrifuges are available in variable sizes and design.

All equipment is prepared for electro-pneumatic execution:

  • scraping of product
  • feed control system
  • peripherical armatures e.g. valves


  • stainless stele 1.4571, Duplex 1.4462
  • special alloy, 2.4602 ( Hastelloy C-22 )
  • Rubberlining, Halar-coating


  • CIP nozzles for cascade cleaning
  • flooding of process housing

Discharge of solids:

  • chute
  • discharge screw
  • Broadknife peeler system


  • Bearing supply to be lubricated with grease or oil
  • circulation system of cooling agents
  • gastight design, suitable for purging nitrogen (ATEX-Ex II 2G IIC T4/Ex II 2D IIB T4)
  • automatic system of remaining residual heel cake


  • Filling (valves, compensators, hoses, flow meters)
  • Washing (valves, compensators, hoses, flow meters)
  • Discharge of solids (valves, compensators, container, containment systems)
  • Filtrate Outlet (hydrostatic siphon, valves, compensators, tank with pump)
  • purging with nitrogen (pressure limit switches, O2-analyser)
  • installation of centrifuge (foundation, piping)
Centrifuge typeSCH 630/315SCH 800/400SCH 1000/500SCH 1250/630
Diameter of basketmm63080010001250
Length of basketmm315400500630
Filter surfacem20,621,011,572,47
Useful volumel4488172340
Max. loadkg55100215425
Max. revolutionrpm2400190015201200
Centrifugal accelerationx g2030160012901000
Weight without loadkg42006100910013000