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Vertical Centrifuge - Dryer Typ CDR for pharmaceutical production

Centrifuge - Dryer type CDR is made according to GMP conditions as multi-purpose machine for centrifuging ( separation of solids from liquids ) and vacuum drying of product in one working space. It provides a closed system to be used for poor filtering or toxic products

All equipment is prepared for electro-pneumatic execution:

  • lid opening
  • scraping of product
  • feed control system
  • peripherical armatures e.g. valves


  • stainless steel 1.4404, 1.4435
  • spezial alloy 2.4602 ( Hastelloy C-22 )

Surface quality:

  • grinded Ra < 0,8 µm
  • polished Ra < 0,2 µm


  • CIP nozzles for cascade cleaning
  • flooding of process housing

Discharge of solids:

  • bottom discharge system

Variable accessories can be:

  • electric operation system
  • bottom discharge with pneumatic support
  • heating - cooling system
  • milling of product
  • vacuum drying of product
  • gastight design, suitable for purging of nitrogen (ATEX-Ex II 2G IIC T4/Ex II 2D IIB T4)

Additional accessories:

  • filling (Valves, compensators,hoses etc. )
  • washing(Valves, compensators,hoses etc. )
  • purging with nitrogen (pressure limit switches, O2-analyser)
  • installation of dryer (standby unit)
Centrifuge typeCDR 500/250CDR 800/400CDR 1000/500 (630)
Diameter of basketmm5008001000
Height of basketmm250400500 (630)
Opening diameter of basketmm350560700
Filter surfacem20,391,011,57 (1,98)
Heated surfacem20,20,50,79
Useful volumel25103200 (252)
Max. loadkg30123240 (315)
Max. revolutionrpm19001200950
Centrifugal accelerationx g1009644504
Min. revolution for dryingrpm1286
Max. revolution for dryingrpm1006452
Min. internal temperature °C-15-15-15
Max. internal temperature°C100100100
Min. internal pressureMPa-0,1-0,1-0,1
Max. internal pressureMPa0,050,050,05
External dimensions H x W x Lmm2000 x 1000 x 13002750 x 1600 x 21003000 x 2000 x2600
Weight without loadkg90032005500